Massage Viper - The 2nd Session With The Beautiful Brunette 2024

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OnlyFans Massage Viper - The 2nd Session With The Beautiful Brunette

LIVE and fully subtitled!!!

I love massaging this client. She's so fit and she has such a flirtatious personality. This was our second session together so she pushed the envelope a little further.

When she flipped over she made sure to spread her legs nice and wide to give me a view of her perfect pussy. When I walked away to grab some more oil I noticed she had reached under and started playing with herself.

She kept playing with her clit the rest of our entire massage session. I think she's already getting more comfortable with me. I gave her tits a nice massage and helped spread her pussy while she played with herself. I even stretched her legs a little bit, and then wrapped everything up with a hot towel service. At the very end she squeezed her tits together which is one of my weaknesses haha.

Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did.

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